Jordi Nebot

Web Developer

About me

I'm a Web Developer based in Manresa (Barcelona), with 5 years of agency experience mostly on brand & product websites, and another 3 years freelancing.


My first approach to computer's world was gaming on a ZX Spectrum +2 when I was a kid. Wondering myself how that amazing machine worked I first discovered the existence of BASIC and programming languages.

I was lucky enough my school offered an Introduction to Programming where I learned the basics of control flow statements, data types, boolean comparisons… It was amazing!

Later, in High School, I discovered the Internet: IRC, Telnet, ICQ… but also GNU/Linux, free software, HTML, basic Javascript and I started learning how the World Wide Web was being built.

The next logical step was to study Computer Engineering, so I did it at UAB. Those were very intense years of deep learning and growing and for this I'm so glad I took that decision.


My first computer jobs were a System & Network Administration internship at GABRMN and Junior Software Developer at Mapro. Lately I've been working as Web Developer (this is what I really love!) at Havas SE and I'm currently freelancing. Feel free to check my Developer Story and LinkedIn profile for further details.

Inspiring Quotes

Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe. Abraham Lincoln

My work

Below you'll find a curated selection of websites and single-page applications I've developed or contributed to, in no particular order.

  • Nocilla Agency: Havas SE

    Nocilla's Website

    Brand & Product website for an spanish well-known hazelnut cocoa spread. Built as a Phalcon PHP MVC Application. It uses Volt as view's template engine, CSS and CoffeeScript on the Frontend. CMS is also ad-hoc built using Phalcon PHP with Twitter's Bootstrap.

  • El Born Client: Creueta 119

    El Born: Centre de Cultura i Memòria's website

    Website for Barcelona's Mercat del Born that nowadays hosts a museum over the archaeological ruins which were part of the la Ribera district that was demolished in the early eighteenth century after the defeat of Catalonia in the War of Succession in 1714.

  • Cola Cao Agency: Havas SE

    Cola Cao's website

    Website & CRM integration for this popular spanish chocolate drink. It uses the same Phalcon PHP MVC architecture with Volt template engine and ad-hoc CMS already used in Nocilla's site.

  • La Piara Agency: Havas SE

    La Piara's website

    This is an HTML5/CSS3 static responsive website for an spanish pâté popular brand. It features the brand itself and its products as well as Instagram's live content through a custom built Instagram feed.

  • Norit Agency: Havas SE

    Norit's website

    Website for this spanish trusted laundry detergent brand. This is a second version of a Wordpress Theme I already built with special focus on implementing SEO policies (the SEO auditory was provided by an external consultant).

  • Dinosaurus Agency: Havas SE

    Dinosaurus' website

    Wordpress theme built from scratch for Dinosaurus, the coolest cookies on earth since Jurassic period. The brand produces lots of content by multiple authors, so the CMS allows many CPT/CF's each of them only available to authorized custom roles.

  • Banners, Marketing & Transactional e-mail Agency: Havas SE

    Some newsletters

    During my agency years I coded dozens of welcome e-mails, password recoveries, promotion confirmations... as well as marketing newsletters for multiple brands and also some HTML5 interactive banners published on Sizmek.

My skills

This is an alphabetically ordered list of technologies I'm confident enough to work with in a professional production environment. No need for a fancy graph here. Because what on earth does 92% HTML even mean?

  • AWS
  • Angular
  • CSS
  • CoffeeScript
  • Express
  • GeoServer
  • Git
  • Gulp
  • HTML
  • JavaScript
  • MongoDB
  • MySQL
  • Node.js
  • Open Layers
  • PHP
  • Phalcon
  • PostGIS
  • TypeScript
  • Vue.js
  • Webpack
  • Wordpress

On the other side, this is an (obviously) incomplete list of widely used languages and technologies I do not excel at. I know almost nothing of some of them and I could probably work with some others without much effort. Anyway, if you're looking for a ninja in something listed here, honestly, I'm not your guy.

  • Android Development
  • C#
  • C++
  • Drupal
  • Flash
  • Go
  • iOS Development
  • Java
  • Joomla
  • Objective-C
  • Python
  • React
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Ruby
  • SEM
  • SEO
  • Swift
  • Unity3D

How to contact me

For professional approaches, e-mail is my first choice. So, even if you got my number, please e-mail me at If needed, you'll find my PGP Public Key as well as verified profiles and domains at

Contact me

Some notes & faqs

It seems to be true that Cobbler's children have no shoes, and I'm no exception. Even though I tried to build a simple, standards-compliant, content-first, mobile-friendly, responsive, progressive enhanced, resilient, non-bloated website for myself. And… Tadaaaa! You're looking at the result! I hope it's useful to you.

— So, you make webs… I need a web! Could you make me one?

— Yes, of course! Tell me about your project, let's discuss your requirements, goals and expectations to elaborate the project's brief. I'll contact a trusted designer that fits your needs and I'll get back to you with an estimate quotation and calendar.

— I already have my web design but I need a developer to code it. Is this suitable for you?

— Absolutely! That's mostly what I do. Just get in touch and explain me your project. Adding a couple of screenshots of your design would help me understand it.

— I've heard about domains, nameservers, hostings… Could you handle all this techie stuff for me?

— Sure. I usually work with Dinahosting, Amazon Web Services or AcuGIS depending on the project requirements. If you want me to, I'll prepare a budget for all technical requirements on the project estimate.

— I've seen a really cool Wordpress theme on ThemeForest, StudioPress… If I buy it, could you make me a good-looking cheap web/e-commerce?

— Short answer: No.

Long answer: It depends. As a general rule I don't work with third-party themes. Why? First of all, if you've only seen the Live Preview/Demo for this theme, you've just seen a list of features but you don't have an actual design for your site. And, trust me, that's not a good starting point for a project. Also, in my experience, generic premium themes with tons of cool features tend to be utterly bloated with frameworks, libraries, plug-ins… which could lead to unnecessary dependencies, vulnerabilities, fragility (as in Visual Composer), bad performance, long-term incompatibilities, etc.

Anyway, if –and only if– you really have a clear idea of a sitemap and you've designed your web/store based on a premium template you already bought, please explain me your project, and we'll see if it's feasible using the theme you've found.

— I need someone to update and maintain my website. Could you be that person?

— Yes, I can!, if we're talking about one-off changes from time to time, it's totally ok. I'll require to see your current site and its source code before deciding if I am the right professional for you and estimating the cost of the update.

On the other hand, if you're looking for a flat fee 24/7 help service, then I am not your guy.

— I am a designer myself and I'm looking for a developer to…

  • collaborate during the design process,
  • get advice or consulting,
  • code my designs,
  • etc.

— Great! I already collaborate with a few trusted designers and in my expercience there's always a great benefit for both parts in this kind of relationship. Please, e-mail me or tweet me and let's take some coffee or set up for a Skype to know each other. It'll be fun!

— I am an IT recruiter, I've seen your profile on SO, GitHub, LinkedIn… and I have an offer that I think it really fits you. Would you be interested in getting more information?

— To be honest, if you're reading this before fall 2017, I'm probably not. My plan is to continue being a freelance professional for a while taking this chance to catch up and learn new skills. Also, I'm already commited for a few projects on the nexts months, so...

Anyway, I may be interested in the future so, if you want to, please introduce yourself in a LinkedIn connection request. I try to kindly answer all of them.